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CSA Wealth Management, LLC - established in 2004 by Cindy Showalter

Education: She graduated with a BA from the University of Virginia in 1976. She took continuing education courses over the next 25 years through numerous institutions, including the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University (through the Senior Financial Consultant program at JC Bradford and Co). Throughout this process she continued to acquire additional training and licenses in securities, insurance, and annuities.

Career: She began her career in financial investments in 1982 with JC Bradford and Co. She began as a broker, was soon promoted to vice president and then to limited partner. One of a small number to complete the Senior Financial Consultant program, she began to specialize in estate planning. During her tenure there she had client assets of $110,000,000. This was invested in a wide variety of instruments, including stocks, bonds, partnerships, mutual funds, options, certificates of deposit, annuities, and life insurance. In addition, funds were placed with various investment managers across the country.

Over time, she began to specialize in individual issue stocks and bonds and move away from the packaged products of Wall Street. She had success being able to identify the new leadership as the economy evolved, and focused her attention in that area.

In 2000, JC Bradford was merged with PaineWebber and then a few weeks later with UBS. This coincided with the peak in the stock market. The mergers took place amidst one of the most severe market declines in a century. This decline lasted three years and did untold damage to portfolios across the country.

This was the defining moment in her career. Looking around, she could not see anyone who had escaped the carnage. Not the mutual funds, the investment managers, and not the individual investors. Whether conservative or aggressive, all investors seemed to suffer much more than they were prepared to expect. It was not how people were invested that determined their results. It was their risk management strategy (or lack of one) that seemed to have the greatest influence on their results. One risk management strategy seemed more effective than any of the others. Selling. Contrary to all of the teachings of Wall Street, "buy and sell to protect your capital" was far more effective than "buy and hold and hope for a better day."

There is an enormous body of work studying what and when to buy. But it is knowing what and when to sell that separates the successful investors from the rest.

This became her mission. Refine and develop this strategy, and combine it with the search for the new leaders in the economy. It was with this thought that she opened CSA Wealth Management, LLC.


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