CSA Wealth Management, LLC
Professional Investment Management For Individuals And Businesses

All accounts are managed for growth or growth and income. A quarterly fee is charged based upon a percentage of the market value of assets under management. Services include the investment and reinvestment of all assets according to our philosophy of risk management and the search for the new global leadership.

We use diversification as the first tool of risk management, owning as many as 50-100 stocks in each portfolio, plus whatever fixed income investments are deemed necessary in order to achieve the goal.

We begin our selection process by evaluating the risk levels of the overall markets. This guides our decision as to how cautious or aggressive our stance should be.

We then identify the sectors showing the highest relative strength and attempt to buy from among the strongest performers in these groups. Fundamental and technical analyses are often both used at this stage.

Once capital is committed, the risk management decision overrides all other considerations. If it is not helping you achieve your goals, it is eliminated. There is little tolerance for loss of capital before a decision is made to sell. We strive to have all funds either in cash or invested in the best companies in the best industries for capital growth. We are looking for the long term leadership in each industry as the global economy continues to develop.


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